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Radnor Township PA School Guide

The schools within Radnor Township, Pennsylvania have a common goal, to cultivate the ability, intellect, and character of each student. Leaving no one student behind in their educational journey, that is the public schools of Radnor Township’s approach to the education of its youth. Radnor Township prides itself on being an enriching student-centered facility. The support of students, teachers, staff, and community make this goal possible and allows Radnor Township schools to maintain its high standard of educational practice.

The Radnor Township public education system strives to achieve a balance between academic, career and technical and extracurricular activities. The Radnor Township School District subscribes to the belief that; public education is a responsibility shared by schools, families, and members of the community. This sentiment has helped develop the inspiring learning community that is Radnor Township, a community engaged in continuous growth opportunities. Please take the time to review our list of Radnor Township Schools and their various features.

Radnor Public Schools

Radnor Township School District

The mission of the Radnor Township School District is to inspire in all students the love of learning and creating, and to empower them to discover and pursue their individual passions with knowledge, confidence, and caring to shape the future.

Radnor Township School District has a tradition of excellence. Supported by a community that values education, the district is proud to deliver an exceptional educational program that strives to meet the needs of our students, their families, and the community.

Fully staffed by more than 300 highly qualified teachers, including classroom teachers, reading specialists, librarians, nurses, special education teachers, guidance counselors, psychologists, and other support specialists, this high-performing school district consistently ranks among the top educational institutions in the country.

Ongoing staff development provides opportunities for growth in understanding of content and best practice for delivery of instruction and support services.

The district offers a comprehensive program for more than 3,500 students and has instituted a new strategic plan through 2013.

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Radnor Private Schools


Heritage School

The school philosophy is based on Christian principles and research that indicates optimal learning takes place in a developmentally appropriate setting.

Direct learning experiences are provided which include individual discovery
as well as small group encounters. Using play as the medium for learning, the teachers seek to build upon the foundation parents have already begun as their child’s first teacher, developing attitudes of responsibility, love, curiosity, sympathy, wonder, worship and self-discipline.

The staff at Heritage School reflects God’s concern for individuals by building a loving relationship with each child, and by presenting the love of Jesus at an age appropriate level. The individual observation and attention given to each child facilitates the teacher in understanding his or her emotional needs, special talents, interests, and spiritual needs.
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The Armenian Sisters Academy

The Armenian Sisters Academy is dedicated to providing a quality education according to the Montessori Philosophy in a safe, caring, Christian environment where each child is nurtured to reach his/her full potential and to preparing the child to face the complex challenges in our society and to become a positive force in the community.
The Academy promotes a strong sense of family, with the faculty, parents and children working together toward a common goal – the self realization and academic happiness of each child.
In addition to setting high academic standards, the Armenian Sisters Academy perpetuates the Armenian identity, its language and cultural heritage.

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Archbishop John Carroll High School

Archbishop John Carroll High School, a co-educational secondary school within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, is committed to excellence in the areas of spiritual,
academic, and social development. By guiding students in the development of their goals within the context of a meaningful relationship with God, others, and self, Archbishop John Carroll High School challenges them to responsible stewardship in the world. The school accomplishes this challenge through the dedication of a professional staff who educates the students by implementing innovative and competitive methodologies.

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The Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge

The Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge Inc. was established as a non–profit corporation in 1963. The school is affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS). The Board of Directors, consisting of parents elected from the parent membership, together with the Administrator and the Educational Director, establishes school policy. Parents participate and volunteer in a variety of ways. They help with school enrichment, attend social events, provide daily snacks, prepare classroom materials for the teachers, share their talents and experiences with the classes and more. The educational policies at MCHVF are established and implemented by the staff members.

The Montessori Children’s House of Valley Forge is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State Board of Private Academic Schools and by the Department of Public Welfare. Our teachers are Montessori trained and State licensed.

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Radnor Colleges


Eastern University

Eastern University is a Christian university dedicated through teaching and learning, scholarship, service, spiritual formation, student development and stewardship to the preparation of undergraduate, theological and graduate students for thoughtful and productive lives of Christian faith, leadership and service. Achievement of that mission requires that the university manage effectively and justly the resources with which it is entrusted and that students
• appropriate and give witness to a Christian world view – through action and voice;
• advance critical thinking, reflection, analysis and communication skills;
• develop intellectual curiosity, passion and agility;
• demonstrate knowledge and competencies in the arts, sciences and professions;
• assume responsibility for justice – especially social, political and economic justice;
• assume responsibility for godly stewardship of all resources;
• discern the ethical consequences of decisions and actions;
• experience genuine Christian community and commitment in a formative environment;
• participate in opportunities for meaningful service; and
• grow in love of God and neighbors.
The mission is confirmed and celebrated when graduates believe their way into knowledgeable action that influences their world in substantive ways.

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Cabrini College

Students do extraordinary things at Cabrini College, a residential Catholic college serving more than 3,100 men and women in undergraduate and graduate liberal arts and professional studies programs. Cabrini’s serene 112-acre campus is just 30 minutes from Philadelphia.

Nationally, the college was among the first in higher education to implement community service into its curriculum, and was the first in Pennsylvania to require community service of all undergraduates.

The College’s mission is to provide an “education of the heart,” integrating intellectual competency with moral and social responsibility. Cabrini College was founded in 1957 by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (MSC). Cabrini offers programs in liberal arts and professional studies and is equally committed to undergraduate residential or commuter, and graduate students.

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Valley Forge Military Academy & College

Valley Forge Military College – “The Military College of Pennsylvania” TM, is a private, co-educational, two-year college enrolling approximately 220 cadets in its first- and second-year programs. Students benefit from a complete military school education that encompasses a strong academic program, leadership opportunities, character development, athletic competition and physical fitness, extracurricular activities and social interaction with a diverse group of peers.
When cadets leave Valley Forge Military College, they are poised for success. Some pursue military careers or attend the nation’s most respected service academies. Most of our college graduates continue on to the nation’s most competitive four-year colleges and universities as rising juniors.

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